Monday, November 06, 2006

Farewell Dero Dog

The RSPCA rang this morning to tell me that Dero Dog has been assessed "not suitable for adoption" as he's shown signs of aggression. He will be put down today. I feel sad about that and will think of him all day. But I'm happy that he's been given antibiotics, pain medication and a warm place to sleep for the past few weeks. Perhaps he wouldn't agree? Maybe he'd rather be free and alive. When I put it that way there's really no question, is there?

The RSPCA is really wonderful. The people there did their best to find his owners - via a breeder's tattoo inside one of his ears - but with no luck. They spent a lot of money on medication and housing for an ancient dog that they knew would probably end up being euthanised. And they kept in touch with me and were very understanding about my feelings that they told me have a name - "rescuer's bond".

Good Dog.


Brett said...

poor guy :(

Dean said...

You did your best.

Zoe said...

yeah good dog

and good rescuer

robskee said...

That's very sad. I'm sure he's been happy for the soft bed, food and attention he's received since you found him.

Ralph said...

Sorry to hear this, it's a hard one.