Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Doggy Update

The German Shepherd we found wandering the streets of South Marrickville on the weekend is still alive, being cared for at the RSPCA. I've been ringing them each day and this morning spoke to a vet. She told me he's been prescribed antibiotics and pain relief and is doing well. Apparently his only serious health complaint is arthritis. He's not happy though - she said he's been agressive and "resenting handling". Although he wasn't microchipped they did find a tattoo on his ear indicating his breeder. So they've written to the breeder to find out who he was sold to - they might be able to locate his owner that way. I spoke to the vet about the possibility of adopting him if an owner can't be found. She said that I'd have to understand he will need ongoing medication for his arthritis, which will cost a bit (this in addition to the $220 adoption fee), but that I'd also have to be certain he wouldn't be a danger to the teenagers or Sailor. The RSPCA would also have to be satisfied that he wasn't too agressive before allowing him to be adopted - there's still a chance they will make a decision to euthanise him. They're giving it until 6 November to locate the owner.


Zoe said...

Thanks for updating - I'd been wondering. Which is nuts, really, isn't it?

Dean said...

Well, I was wondering about the poor old thing myself. Nuts? Not really. Just curious. I think the offer to adopt is sterling.

Julia said...

I have been saving up for a flight so he can come and live with me in the UK. The heating is on all the time which is excellent for his sore joints. The aggression does not sound good though Meredith