Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dogs of Marrickville - Sailor

Sailor's full name is "Sailor the Wonderdog". She is a puppyish seven year old and quite blonde for a pug. Sailor's first couple of years were filled with surgical procedures to fix her breathing (she had her soft palate shortened and her nostrils enlarged) and also to mend a front-leg problem (she had fat taken from her butt & inserted in her wrists so she wouldn't end up bandy-legged & arthritic). To this day she hates the vet but otherwise enjoys life immensely. Despite the operation to improve breathing she is still a loud snorer even while awake. Some people find Sailor very attractive, others are grossed out by her goldfish-style eyes. Extremely food-focused, Sailor has an ongoing weight problem that is nowadays managed with a strict diet of two raw chicken wings a day. She is always on the lookout for crumbs and quickly hones in on unknowing visitors who are taken in by her woeful starved expressions. A veteran of the Cooks River circuit from Illawarra Rd to Tempe Station, Sailor meets-n-sniffs many Marrickville moggies who will be featured here in future. She is already famous because of a photo her friend Daniel took.

Baths are a terrible torture.

But rediscovering a smelly old bone makes it all better.


Lucy Tartan said...

Sailor is bootylicious!

Scott and Patrick said...

We think Sailor is very attractive

Julia said...

Meredith, I think you have forgotten to tell your readers about Sailor’s very tough dad. He lived on lived on a farm in country Victoria. He was run over by an enormous truck and the only injury he sustained was the loss of an eye - which was later popped back in by the farmer , “no worries” One tough pug

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