Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I received this text in the body of a penis-enlargement spam email today. Scarily, the more I read it the more it makes sense. Perhaps I should go and present it at a performance poetry night? I could say "gansevoort to addack py de rear ven ve" in a heavy South African accent.

"Forth only her first calf, at many great sacrifices that
thou laughest upon beholding me? Seeing thee trade. Among
the milliners, several girls were mean, hurriedly, you would
be lovely to marry it, modom? She wears a skintight black
cashmere engaged in their respective avocations. And by
colonel gansevoort to addack py de rear ven ve in the pronunciation
of highly trained speakers towards that fearless warrior.
fearlessly addressing such a sense of relief and quiet.
oh, what a delicious to (a pure) understanding, and having
attained gradual passage of the earth off the face of the."


The Marrickville Open Studio Trail (MOST) returns this Saturday 26 July 2008 as part of the 2008 Sydney Biennale, providing an opportunity to peek into the lives of over 100 artists, where they work and exhibit. Audiences will follow a trail of open studios across the Marrickville area and explore the world of local contemporary art.

MOST will run from 10am to 4pm, providing an important opportunity for local artists to promote their work, engage with new audiences, and discuss and sell their work.

Participating artists will be encouraged to provide artworks for sale and demonstrate how their studios works.

Studio Location Maps can be collected on the day at the Sandringham Hotel Art Market (387 King St, Newtown) from 10am or from any of the participating studios.

Participating studios include -

§ Addison Rd Gallery Upstairs Studios - My Le Thi, 1st Floor, Addison Road Gallery Upstairs Studios (end of 1st Floor) 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville

  • Addison Rd Centre Artist Studios - 142 Addison Rd Centre Marrickville
  • Alpha House Artist Co-operative - 226 Union St Erskineville
  • Amy Jones - 6/1 Gladstone St Newtown
  • Astrid Dahl Studio - 66 Railway Rd, Sydenham
  • At The Vanishing Point - Contemporary Art - 565 King St Newtown
  • Brett Hayes - 11/12-22 Newington Rd, Marrickville (Entrance located at back of building)
  • Christopher Downie & Jeanette Landstedt - 36 Shepherd St Marrickville
  • Crash Corporation - 4 Harnett Ave, Marrickville South
  • Dimitri Kuznichenko - 28 Floss St Hurlstone Park
  • Diamando Koutsellis - 1/5 Fairmount St Dulwich Hill
  • Edith Artists - 9 & 10 Edith St St Peters
  • Factory 49 Inc (Showroom) - 49 Shepherd St Marrickville
  • Gallery 110 on Crystal St - 110 Crystal St Petersham 2049
  • Gilbert Grace - 6/69 Constitution Rd Dulwich Hill
  • Irminsul - 146 Edinburgh Rd Marrickville
  • Jenny Kyng Studio - 39 Cook Rd, Marrickville
  • Lennox Street Studios - 111 Lennox Street Newtown
  • Maggie Stein - 11 Clara St Newtown
  • Mary Street Studios - 75 Mary St St Peters
  • Matthew Syres Photography - 8/10 Cambridge St Enmore
  • Morna Molesworth - 803/31 Station St Newtown
  • Mosaico Art & Design Studio - Ground Floor 111 Lennox St Newtown
  • Painting the Roses - (Upstairs) Studio 3, 199a King St Newtown (cnr of King & Egan Sts - enter via Egan St)
  • Preservation Australia - Unit 10A Level 3 32-60 Alice St Newtown
  • Rosedale Street Gallery - 2A Rosedale St Dulwich Hil
  • Shepherd Studio - 12 Shepherd St Marrickville
  • Silver Street Studios - 114 Silver St Marrickville
  • SNO Contemporary Arts Projects - 1st Floor, 175 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville
  • Splinter Workshop - Building 1 Factory 1 Level 2 / 75 Mary St. St Peters
  • Stone Villa Studios - 19 Railway Rd Sydenham
  • Studio 109 - 109B Marrickville Rd Marrickville (Entrance Meeks Rd)
  • Tooth Studios - 67 Sydenham Rd Marrickville

  • Tortuga Studio - 31 Princess Highway St Peters
  • Ultimo Project - Addison Rd Centre, Hut 24/ 142 Addison Rd Marrickville

Please ring 02 9335 2281 or coevent@marrickville.nsw.gov.au for more information.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The sunset from Marrickville was gorgeous last night - very Rococo, I thought, slightly garish even, but with a gum tree flavour. You can see more photos here. The birds were so noisy along the river that Richard and I had to stop talking for a minute.

Isn't it funny how when you're busy doing blog-worthy things you don't have time to write, and then when you do get a chance you forget what you were going to write about?

Damn. Let me think. Oh yes, we had a lovely dinner:

We invited our dear friend Phil, who is Georgie's Dad. Georgie made place-markers (see mine, "Dr Jones"?) and a fantastically tangy lemon tart. Richard did zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta followed by a pesto pasta that was almost jumping off the plate with flavour. I set the table with my favourite 1970s "scenes of Sydney" placemats & poured the wine.

I wrote a grant application, my first ever. I've been a little paralysed about them for a year or so - I think the cancer blew my confidence a bit so I just concentrated on what I knew - my teaching (hence the award, hehehe) and my writing. Anyway, I loved doing the application and will definitely do more now that I've broken the ice. This one is asking for just under $25,000 to do some research in Thailand about cosmetic surgery tourism - a logical next step from the research I did for my book - so fingers crossed! I won't find out until December.

My ex-step-father-in-law (work that one out) died last week. He was nearly 84 and had had a pretty wonderful life, crashing planes during WWII on the beach in Darwin, sailing around Australia, being married to two beautiful women (not at the same time) and having a loving, close family. Ruby and I went to Melbourne for the funeral, which was lovely - totally secular - standing room only - laughter along with tears. Vale Bert.