Sunday, July 29, 2007

Special Beings

I've been overseas for a few weeks, and I'll probably blog about that soon... but for now I'm thinking about celebrities, stars, and what makes certain beings special. There have been two particular living beings calling for my time, energy and organisational skills lately - one horse and one human.

Ruby & Stryker this morning

Ruby's horse, Stryker, has lived in Queensland with friends of ours for ages. But we decided recently to bring him closer to home so Ruby can see more of him. He's a 17 year old Quarterhorse cross Arab (actually I must admit I know nothing about horses and have no idea what that means, but doesn't it sound nice?). He is a very gentle creature. We found a lovely ajistment for him in Dapto, just an hour's drive away. He's got 60 lush acres to munch upon and about 15 other horses of various shapes and sizes to share the space with. Stryker is always bottom of the horsie pecking order and is sometimes a bit bullied by the others. He was really happy this morning to get some feed and a few pats and half a big jar of golden syrup. Ruby decided not to groom him as the wind was quite biting and she was worried he'd get cold if we took his rug off.

The human is Orlan, who is giving her public lecture tomorrow evening (don't miss it!). Although we've been having lots of email and phone contact to sort out accommodation, travel, translators etc. I only met her in the flesh for the first time today. She is deeply serious and very much the star. Her latest project will be for many her most controversial ever - I'm not going to write about it until I understand it better. The lunch, at Aqua, high above the North Sydney pool, was lovely - I had pink champagne and stuffed zucchini flowers.

Susan Cohn, Raphael Cuir, Meredith Jones, Orlan & Judy Annear at lunchtime

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Orlan - Free public lecture - Monday 30 July

This is what I've been busy organising for the last month. I am hugely excited about hosting Orlan in Sydney and can't wait to meet her. A whole chapter of my forthcoming book is devoted to her work... Orlan is one of the most fascinating, adventurous and misunderstood artists in the world. Don't miss this free lecture - for most Australians this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

FREE PUBLIC LECTURE at the art gallery of new south wales

Monday 30 July, 2007

“This Is My Body, This Is My Software:
between western culture and non-western culture”

French artist Orlan uses plastic surgery as her medium. Between 1990 and 1993, she underwent a series of choreographed surgical ‘performances’. The talk will comprise a survey of Orlan's work in order to ask questions about the status of the body in society. Orlan lives and works between Los Angeles, New York and Paris.

Venue: Domain Theatre, Lower Level 3
Time: 5.15 for a 5.45pm start
No bookings, come early to ensure a seat by 5.30pm
Refreshments and exhibition viewing of contemporary galleries at 6.45pm


Orlan is supported by the Centre for Contemporary Design Practices and the Institute for Interactive Media at the University of Technology, Sydney

University of Technology, Sydney

IMAGE: Orlan with her
Self-hybridation series (1999)

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Art Gallery Road, The Domain, Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone 02 9225 1744 or Toll Free 1800 679 278 Website

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Marrickville Kids

This photo was taken in 1978, at the Addison Rd Community Centre. Marrickville's Magic Yellow Bus, which is still operational, is in the background. I thought I'd take some photos of some of the lovely children I see each week at the Addison Rd Markets, which are held at the Community Centre (I asked permissions and all parents know these photos are going up online).

This is Dutch. I didn't ask if Dutch was a boy or a girl. One thing that is certain - Dutch has a knitter/crocheter who loves him/her dearly.

This is Rory, who was enjoying her babyccino.

Here are some old dolls that the guy who has all the tools and electrical things was selling.

And this is Jake, who looks like a China doll but is a real boy.

Shop of the Week - The Curry Tree

The Curry Tree isn't strictly a shop, but nor is it merely a market stall. It's a few bicycles with attitude and some passionate vegetarian curry makers. Paul customises the bicycles and tricycles (some are electric, some require pedal power) himself, adding trailers and trolleys and various cooking and serving attachments to them. A retired film caterer, he is now vehemently car-free and maintains his cooking passions with an exclusive market stall (he doesn't sell anywhere except the Addison Rd Markets). His partner Fiona, who works full time, and fourteen year old daughter Katlyn, work with him on Sundays.

Their little Jack Russell, Buster, waits patiently for things to start happening.

We tried their South Indian Banquet, for which the selection changes each week. Today they were serving a fresh chutney full of ginger and coconut, a gooey rich vegetable curry, a channa (chick pea) dhal and a nice dry potato masala with lots of curry leaves and mustard seeds, all topped with a superb yoghurt made here in Marrickville, some grilled roti and a handful of fresh rocket. This cost nine dollars and was heaps for me and Richard to share. We even accidentally dropped one quarter of the roti, which Sailor charmingly gobbled up, vomited, then re-ingested. This spectacle in no way put us off this beautiful meal.

Paul has osteo-arthritis and believes that keeping active is good for his health. He tells me that he serves "Rubies", not curries - this is English slang - Ruby Murray rhymes with curry - so if you feel like a curry you say "Anyone fancy a Ruby?"

You can also buy, for only six dollars, a paratha dosa - Indian bread topped with the channa dhal, the potato masala and a big dob of yoghurt - I dare you to compare that to any burger or kebab!