Monday, July 14, 2008

The sunset from Marrickville was gorgeous last night - very Rococo, I thought, slightly garish even, but with a gum tree flavour. You can see more photos here. The birds were so noisy along the river that Richard and I had to stop talking for a minute.

Isn't it funny how when you're busy doing blog-worthy things you don't have time to write, and then when you do get a chance you forget what you were going to write about?

Damn. Let me think. Oh yes, we had a lovely dinner:

We invited our dear friend Phil, who is Georgie's Dad. Georgie made place-markers (see mine, "Dr Jones"?) and a fantastically tangy lemon tart. Richard did zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta followed by a pesto pasta that was almost jumping off the plate with flavour. I set the table with my favourite 1970s "scenes of Sydney" placemats & poured the wine.

I wrote a grant application, my first ever. I've been a little paralysed about them for a year or so - I think the cancer blew my confidence a bit so I just concentrated on what I knew - my teaching (hence the award, hehehe) and my writing. Anyway, I loved doing the application and will definitely do more now that I've broken the ice. This one is asking for just under $25,000 to do some research in Thailand about cosmetic surgery tourism - a logical next step from the research I did for my book - so fingers crossed! I won't find out until December.

My ex-step-father-in-law (work that one out) died last week. He was nearly 84 and had had a pretty wonderful life, crashing planes during WWII on the beach in Darwin, sailing around Australia, being married to two beautiful women (not at the same time) and having a loving, close family. Ruby and I went to Melbourne for the funeral, which was lovely - totally secular - standing room only - laughter along with tears. Vale Bert.


Dysthymiac said...

well it does seem tricky to offer Congratulations on receiving the teaching award and then offer condolences for your loss of Dear Bert Of The Articulated Relationship, but I'm sincere.

I know someone who went to Thailand for bargain priced cosmetic surgery. She is one of my Farcebook Friends.
Good Luck, and oh that photo is beautiful.

Meredith Jones said...

Thanks dysthmatic. And drats, yet another reason to re-join the evil facebook.

Dysthymiac said...

I will give you her email address if you want her story.
Do not, I repeat do not become involved with The Great Procrastination Facilitator.

kurrabikid said...

It may be skanky and polluted but damn I love our river (I live in Undercliffe). I truly adore it - especially with a sunset like that hanging above it.