Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Warren Shopping Centre

For those readers who don't live in Sydney, it's been raining for two weeks here. Storms, wind, horizontal sheets of water... and we're just not geared for it. Rain? Sydney? So we forget umbrellas, everyone under 30 still wears thongs (flip-flops) - which actually, when I come to think of it, are quite practical for getting through puddles. We shiver and complain and feel sorry for ourselves. But the gardens look great and the dams have filled up a bit which is excellent.

So. This is a photo taken in 1936, from the intersection of Illawarra and Warren Roads looking down the hill towards Earlwood. I think it was actually taken from a tram, as it's higher than I could manage. Those were the days! Trams in Sydney, how wonderful. See that the shop on the left still sells alcoholic beverages? Sad that the big balconies have gone.