Friday, August 04, 2006

Robbery & Assault Update

Hugh has some blurred vision but the doctor says it won't last long. He probably had a mild concussion. He seems fine, he's a tough cookie. The thugs took his house key, and our address is in his phone, so we plan to change the locks tomorrow. It will mean a trip to the Marrickville hardware store, hooray! Hugh & I have had the day off together today. It's pouring with rain but we have a nice fire going. Hot chocolates, chats, & baked beans...

We've been watching daytime telly. A bloke who doesn't think his wife does a good enough job of the housework was told to get a life by Dr Phil, which actually surprised me. We got an interesting recipe for stuffed & deep fried olives off Ready, Steady, Cook. Judge Judy sorted things out between Jennifer and her ex-boyfriend Billy. The thing is, Billy just didn't understand things were over between him & Jennifer so he vandalised her new boyfriend's car - it was a moment of madness.

A man called Phil Chen came to the door & explained to me how we could save 5% off our gas, as well as getting a $50 bonus on our first bill, if we swap over to AGL. It seemed legit & I liked him so I signed the thing. But have I made a mistake I'll live to regret?


Zoe said...

Yes, you should never buy anything like that! You should have a ten day cooling off period - they told us (in Canberra) that they were the same people, just taking over the billing - not true, and we couldn't get the bundled high speed internet we wanted with them. So check (can you tell it got me a bit upset? pardon my ranting)

And glad to hear your nephew's OK. He'll be up in no time if you keep Judge Judy on ;)

Dean said...

I did the same thing with Origin Energy. They said it will be cheaper with them. So I signed, even though the woman had bad body odour.

I've also started collecting those free, low-energy light globes they've been handing out recently in the city. So far I've scored two boxes full. Hopefully this will help to reduce my bill.

Origin also gave me a subscription to a magazine. The choice wasn't all that great: I selected Marie Claire in the absence of The new York Review of Books or The New Yorker or Quadrant. But what can you do?

Lucy Tartan said...

We (well, I) signed up for the bundled gas thing too, one less bill to lose under the Saturday papers.

Marrickvillia said...

Richard did the sums last night and worked out we would have saved $3.50 on the last electricity/gas bill had we been on the new scheme then. SO WORTH IT!!!