Sunday, September 24, 2006

Signs of Marrickville

I went for a long walk last week, from my place up Illawarra Rd to the Addison Rd Markets, & took lots of photos of signs. I like ordering things, putting them in sets & making patterns. My friend Zoe would say that it's because of my Virgoan sensibilities. Here are some of my favourites - there are more on my flickr account.

The neon sign of the Vietnamese cafe opposite the Hellenic Bakery.

An old houseplate.

The hepC graffiti on the railway bridge.


Dean said...

Nice post. My mum asked me to take some 'local colour' pictures of my area and print them out for her (she's not got email). Your idea is just the ticket.

Meredith Jones said...

Choose a sunny day and the photos will look so much nicer... and will you post some of them on Antipodean?