Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Beauty in modest trinkets

Before Christmas I looked around Marrickville for a home decorated with coloured lights to feature here, but never found one that took my fancy. Today I took a slightly different route on my walk and spotted this delightful assemblage in front of a modest single fronted home on Illawarra Rd, way down near the river. As well as flashing lights these people have set up two decorated trees, numerous Santas, a set of sliver bells, a fairy castle (Santa's home?) a nativity scene, and a set of elephants (heading towards the manger).

The nativity scene. I like the toy pony at far left, and the dangling angels.

From left to right: Daddy & baby Santa, a fairy castle, Mr & Mrs Santa.

From left to right: nativity scene, cherub figurine holding book, set of black elephants.


Miss Bates said...

I am entranced by the vision of elephants, trunk to tail, progressing steadily across the desert from Iraq, intent on delivering the Magi to the crib of the Christ child. What would they eat on the way?

Crystal said...

Thank you MJ for bringing those wonderful pictures to me.
Just wonderful.
I came from your comment at The Ballroom about why Ron Rude was on a hunger strike: it was to force the 3XY DJ's to play his record.!
and to say that Debbie 'Dinosaur' Nettleingham was an employee of Missing Link. She was a more-than-regular habitue of The Ballroom before that. Later she made a name as a DJ.

My friend is now through her 5 yrs on Tmxfen and she is FINE and you will be too.
much love X X X