Monday, February 05, 2007

Gone to Seed

Remember my vegie patch? It started off looking like someone's peggy hair transplant. It grew quickly, almost frighteningly so. Now, because of nothing but simple neglect, it is out of control.

You wouldn't know we're in the middle of a drought. This hasn't been watered in months. I've been dreading going out there to deal with it, but yesterday made a quick scan of the damage. I'm yet to actually pull a weed.

These tomatoes have sun-dried themselves.

There is a tiny rainbow silverbeet struggling for sun.

Phallic friends hiding...

A dead raspberry plant.

Mr Fawlty gone to seed. Perhaps I could make some of this.

A baby artichoke, hiding way up the back.


Kirsty said...

That artichoke doesn't look half bad, but then I think they like to be treated mean ; )

Dorian said...

comments not working? You know that because you posted these pictures you are now obliged to post another set showing it all weeded and replanted.

JahTeh said...

I had a beautiful climbing rose which was mauve which went back to the original red stock and then died. I grow ivy extremely well.