Saturday, April 28, 2007

Greens & Cheese

I found the modesty of the decorations very heartening.
These Greens practice what they preach.

Last night Richard and I ended up at a Greens function in the Marrickville Royal Exchange. We'd met some friends at the Hollywood Hotel in Surry Hills after work, then eaten at Spice I Am and later adjourned to the KB Hotel, so the function was almost over by the time we got there. I still got to talk to some great people though.

Derek Maitland & Margie McCabe.

Derek was the campaign coordinator for Marrickville in the recent state election. He told me "The T-shirt is a joke about being passive. Greens are very passive! I've done it in Latin so people ask me what it means. It's not a hostile thing."

Fiona Byrne, the candidate for the recent state election & member of Marrickville Council, with Colin Charlton from South Marrickville. We chatted for a while & they were both delightful.

John Kaye, Greens member of the Upper House

Richard, who was on his 99th beer,
with Hazel Blunden, the Greens Policy Officer

At the end of the night there was some leftover cheese - after a bit of discussion a few people divided it up equally, wrapped it up & took it home. This further endeared me to them.


Dorian said...

I think that t-shirt must translate as 'Don't join with the Greens'.

Meredith said...

That would be funny, but he told me it's "Don't Fuck with the Greens"

elsewhere said...

So long as it's not green cheese!

I know at least one of those people...

Dean said...

I was really heartened by the Greens result in the state election, in Marrickville and Balmain. But everyone's 'green' nowadays. John Howard's capitulation in the face of public hysteria is sort of depressing.

My Greens vote has nothing to do with their 'green' credentials. I like their policies on gays and euthanasia, for example. They are the only truly progressive party currently available.

In fifty years the climate theories currently being promoted by lefty spin doctors as science will appear quaint.

Betty said...

I think Dorian is right. Copulare means to join, and has no specific sexual meaning. It's a bit like the other piece of joke Latin - nil illegitimus carborundum.