Sunday, April 22, 2007

Strictly Marrickville

Sorry for ignoring you dear blog, but I've been so busy. I went to Melbourne for a cosmetic surgery conference (yes, really). I had dinner with most of the Melbourne Sarsaparilla folk while I was there, which was enjoyable and interesting. It's strange that you can be quite intimate and comfortable with people online, then - shock - find on meeting them that it's just like meeting a stranger... and what's more, that they have bodies. Later, after a few drinks and a beautiful dinner, things relax & you realise you do actually share something unique with these people.

Okay, I admit I haven't been completely ignoring Marrickvillia, in fact, there is something excitingly super-nerdy in the pipeline. In the meantime, here are a couple of shots you might like.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon this kid stopped his play momentarily to grin at the camera.

I took this photo because of the faintly visible rainbow and the plane, and then realised that the building on the left with the hills hoist on the roof is one of Marrickville's famous landmarks. It was used for the rooftop dancing lessons scenes in Baz Luhrmann's Strictly Ballroom.


David said...

I had no idea that building was in M'ville. For some reason I thought it was in the Rocks, though of course like many things I 'know', I don't know how or why I thought I knew it. I often played that scene in SB to international students as an example of increasing international perspective in Australian film. I'm so glad I don't teach that subject anymore, the very notion of using a scene in SB (however much I like the film) to illustrate something so bleedin' obvious makes me yawn with desperation, like a dog. Have you seen Razzle Dazzle? Top movie.

elsewhere said...

Yes, it's kind of odd but good, meeting other bloggers.