Saturday, September 15, 2007

Boarding House Masquerade Ball

Last night I went to the Marrickville Boarding House Masquerade Ball at the Petersham Bowling Club. I got there too late to hear the Sydney Street Choir but I'm looking forward to doing that another time. It was a really great party with excellent dancing and singing along to "YMCA", "Mamma Mia" and "Red Red Wine". Lots of the people were wearing masks, hats and other pieces of finery they'd made themselves at the "Get Frocked Up" workshops run by Marrickville Council. It seemed that everyone wanted to have their photo taken so I spent the evening clicking away happily.

Click on the photos to see bigger versions. My favourites: the woman with the pink faux fur coat (left, third row from the top), and the elegantly aloof man with the amazing blue eyes (left, second row from the top) because they look like a couple of movie stars.

If you're in one of these photos and you would like a free print copy, just email me your name and address and the number of the photo at

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Birko said...

What a hoot!
I don't recognise anyone from the photos, but I bet I was on "Good Morning" terms with a few of the guests. I used to live at the Enmore end of Marrickville, which has a number of boarding houses. Slowly, they are closing for redevelopment due to gentrification - which I'm a part of. Where are the tenants going to go? They are already marginalised, so thumbs up for the organisers of this Ball. It's solidarity.