Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh God, I left the blog on the bus!

Not really, I've just been horribly busy. The end of semester rushed at me like a monster. Luckily my students were a ridiculously talented bunch and their final projects made everything worthwhile. Ruby finished her HSC exams on Thursday. She was incredibly well prepared but it was still quite stressful. I made endless cups of soy hot chocolate for her & helped a little with English preparation, but I'm useless with anything like Biology. Now she has schoolies and her year twelve formal coming up...

Toby the rat is all better. His foot will always be deformed but all the infection is gone and the skin has grown back. He lost weight while he was injured and his brother Billy is now nearly twice his size. We get Toby out on his own and feed him chocolate and nuts so he can get his strength back.

We're having a party! It will be on election night and the theme is "Don's Party" (although I hope the election outcome will be different to the one in the play). People have to come dressed in "Australian suburbia, 1969", hehehe. I'm searching for a crimplene pants suit for myself and a body-shirt for Richard. Fingers crossed there will be good reason to pop the champagne. Go Maxine! Go Julia!


Dean said...

Given the right coaching Gillard would be unstoppable. Her ability to think on her feet is marred by her inability to generate compelling sound-bites.

They are available but, unfortunately, in order to be able to generate them you must jetison the standard post-colonial narrative.

Which Rudd has tried to do. At least he won't be wedged.

The issue is how to reconcile the two dominant vehicles of grand narrative in the West: the aspirational middle class and the counter-culture elite.

If only they knew, for example, that these two strands spring from the same moment of innovation and good-governorship. Swift, Sterne and Burke had more than one thing in common: they were all Irishmen.

genevieve said...

Congratulations to Ruby on finishing skool - and have a great party! what a terrific idea. Go the crimplene, I hope it will be yellow. (Saw Margaret Whitlam in the gallery at Parliament House in 1977 in same.)

ooijj said...

oh how sweet a victory is :-)

R.H. said...

Only Miss Brownie can talk about crimplene.