Monday, December 31, 2007

All the bests

By Meredith

The best Christmas post I've read so far is at Eddy Currents. Justine is a beautiful writer, a swimming teacher, and a book seller from the South of London. Her blog deserves more readers so please go and have a look.

The best one year old boy I've been spending time with:

The best New Year's Eve resolution ever (because it's achievable so long as I don't lose my job): buy good quality, nice underwear, when I need it (ie don't wait until all the elastic is gone and bits of body are wandering free).

The best day on holidays so far: in the city of Melbourne with my mum, including lunch at Ca De Vin, one of the many Italian-inspired cafes that pop up in the laneways and arcades that web the CBD.

The best bargain: we had a wander through all the little shops in Degraves St where I got a HUGE bargain at Shag. Imagine finding a Chloe jacket that you love, and it fits you perfectly, and, because it's a sample, it's only $195.00, but then, for some crazy reason, it's reduced in the post-Christmas sale to $15.00!! The excitement was almost more than I could bear.

The best sales purchase overall though, is these gold shoes - they're for my dear friend Tracy's wedding where I'll be bridesmaid; I'll wear them with a long vintage apricot beaded dress (the bride is wearing tangerine).

The best plan to get Christmas cake:

lie quite still, pretending to be asleep, but crawl slowly towards the fruity, nutty goodness;

get excitingly close before you're discovered & told off. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Fab shoes Meredith, but how the feck are you gonna walk in them? I recommend a small bridesmaid on either side.. I bought a vintage dress myself just the other day: a long fuscia Karen Millen on the bias with a deep pink lace sweetheart neckline. It cost a bargainly twelve quid and I teamed it with woolly grey tights, wee black boots and a raspberry knitted hat (it is bloody cold here) and wore it last night at JP the Naughty Frenchman & Yoga Janet's New Year's Eve bash. This morning (lucky my head wasn't woolly as the legwear, 'cos I stuck to beer) I checked the label and it said DRY CLEAN ONLY, OR YOU DIE. I didn't know they had those big chemical-filled machines in the old days... So, that's a princely £7 every time I slot myself into it.. Good job I'm too busy for a social life! Thanks for being such a lovely, lovely blogging thing. I am so rubbish at the etiquette because I am almost always never 'there'. But today is the eve of the 1st Jan and Jon just rustled up an exquis' Indian nosebag that even the kids finished, and now they've all scarpered off to watch Morecambe and Wise, while Jon just happen to leave his laptop snapped open..
I'll do the clearing up soon I promise..

genevieve said...

Hurrah for the jacket and shoes. Fabulous. That's going to be a very goodlooking wedding.
I'm sure New Year sales really exist because we need good surprises early on.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Shoe-shopping is such a tonic!
and as for the bargain jacket? Fan-effing-tastic.

Now the dear little doglet was definitely PROVOKED by the placement of the plate.
Fair Go For Doglets!

R.H. said...

Why don't you hop over and see my social worker niece, she lives in Ashfield.

(Wow! Must be supertrendy there!)


(Don't say I said so)

sexy said...