Saturday, February 02, 2008

Marrickville Leisureland

Anne Zahalka
Marrickville RSL Club, 2000
type C photograph Edition of 12 (115 x 145 cm); edition of 20 (57 x 72 cm)

The Marrickville RSL is closed for renovations. I hope they don't remove the geometric neon decorations or the mirrored ceiling. The photo above is from Anne Zahalka's "Leisureland" series of which I've been a fan for years (I show students this when we read Derrida, hehehe). If you've come through Sydney's international terminal lately you might have noticed some of Zahalka's beautiful "Welcome to Sydney" series on the walls there.

Over the years I've grown quite fond of this gigantic banner on the RSL's outside wall, and I feel I almost know these four women. I'm guessing it will be taken away or updated. It's been there at least eight years (and has become a bit faded in the sun) and most of the women pictured have probably moved on, perhaps even to other careers, by now.


PremierLocation said...

Hi Meredith,
I heard the club had gone broke - the website says "The Club is closed for Relocation".

Meredith said...

Hi there,
I bet you live in Premier St : )

Yes, I noticed the other day that I'd misread the sign - it does say "Closed for Relocation" not "Closed for Renovation". It's a HUGE building and site; I wonder what will happen to it?

R.H. said...

Near where I live there's an ugly run-down old factory area that "time forgot" and at the edge facing the railway line there's a pub called the Spottiswoode which is an ugly name in itself. Until recently it had a banner outside showing a partly dressed lady and the words "Topless Waitresses and Foxy Bairmaids". I've wanted to go in and see what a Foxy Barmaid is because I've no idea, but now the sign has been removed and I think probably after complaints from social-science ladies rattling past on the train to Williamstown.
"Inappropriate" is the word, I believe.

Wombat389 said...

Hi Meredith
I have heard they need to flog the building off. Have you got $12M?

R.H. said...

More ap-a-a-a-artments?

Dr Livingstone said...

My money is on apartments, although there are a few office blocks down there.

It'd be great for a band theatre a la the Enmore, but fat chance of that.