Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sars Lite

Sars Lite is a palate cleanser between the old Sarsaparilla blog and an upcoming new Sarsaparilla site. Please visit and bookmark this page.

If you're not already a reader (where have you been?), Sarsaparilla is a group blog devoted to discussing books, writing, film and television, theatre and the performing arts, music, publishing, the humanities, reading, cultural studies, and just about anything else that pops up on the Australian cultural landscape.


Luba said...

Hi Meredith
I'm trying to get an Oral History group going in the City of Cockburn, in Western Australia and have been told about the book "Marrickville Backyards". It is now out of print. Do you have a copy left from that box you received in 2007 and how much would it cost?
Also, does anyone know how to prune olive trees? Despite my name I seem to reduce the yield of olives each year.
Luba Kambourakis

Meredith Jones said...

Hi Luba,

I think I have a couple of those books left--email me your address & I'll post one to you

My elderly Greek neighbours are very good at pruning olive trees but I can't do it either. My olive tree has only ever had one olive, and that was two years ago.