Wednesday, April 29, 2009

90 Cary St

Once upon a time there were market gardens and dairy farms in Marrickville. The area was sparsely populated and still largely rural until about 1900. There's a little decrepit weatherboard cottage in my street--it's been hidden behind dense shrubbery ever since I moved to Marrickville in 2000 and as far as I know nobody has lived in it in that time. Recently the vegetation has been cleared and now there's a sign up saying that two townhouses are going to be built. I think the house must date from about the 1870s, perhaps earlier--it was most likely a modest farmhouse. I thought I'd get some shots before it's torn down. For the full set see my flickr site.

The Davis (or possibly Carrington) Dairy at the corner of Carrington Road and Ruby Street, 1899, only 2 blocks away.

View from the street.

Old stone steps near the front of the property.

The front porch.

Hank, John & Wally did a good job of setting the Hills Hoist into a concrete round in 1959.

Their inscription lasted longer than the clothes line!

A number plate, 30s? 40s?

A close up of the front fence. You can see most of the same fence on the far right in the photo below--it was taken during a fire in the park at the foot of Cary Street in 1954.

The gum in the background is often filled with cockatoos.

Through the arched window...


Anonymous said...

Can't see the photos on Flickr :(

You might be interested in this poster I found in the National Library, from up the other end of Illawarra Road where I live:

Note the Tramway!

Meredith Jones said...

Great poster! I've put in the flickr link now.

genevieve said...

These shots are terrific, Meredith. There have been two or three old houses like this gone down in my area in the last five years, probably early 20thC though - one was labelled the 'scary house' by the high school kids who walked past it on their way home. No respect for age these days.

Kirsty said...

I think it's always good to try and document before the bulldozers move in. I like the steps.

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R.H. said...
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