Sunday, August 20, 2006

I bin sick

I've been unwell so slacked off on the blog. Updates:

Hugh has recovered fine & is a bit of a hero at school. We got him a new mobile phone in the full knowledge that it was probably the only reason he was mugged in the first place... but what's a teenager without a mobile in Marrickville? He's not going to talk on it in the street if he can help it.

Richard's beer looks like beer, smells like beer but tastes um, funny. I guess it's sort of undrinkable. I think he's going to have to tip it on the vegie patch and try again. Do tomatoes like beer?

We have some new additions to the menagerie. One fish, a big fella as long as my hand, to keep the other one company. They are actually quite social & swim around next to each other all day long. Bought a yellow water lily bulb for the pond (big pot) too - hope it flowers.

One of the terrible teenagers, she-who-will-not-let-me-name-her-on-this-blog, has bought two rats. Named Billy & Toby they are adorable creatures and have turned me around on the whole yukky rodent business. Their dear little hands are so humanlike, they wash their faces like cats, they build homes all night long out of small boxes & magazines that they shred to pieces & pile up. They eat strawberries & are just beginning to get used to us. They venture out of their cage only to scuttle back in again. I worry about them getting ear damage in her room with all the Ramones, Green Day etc.

No more news, except that we had guests on Friday night & I decided to cook. I mix-n-chopped all day, making wholemeal handmade lasagne sheets, a rocket pesto, a homemade tomato sauce, finally layering it all with gorgeous fluffy ricotta bought from Marrickville's own Paesanella. I had a ball, it looked beautiful & I was proud. We took bites and everyone fell silent. It was the worst thing I've ever made, and there have been some shockers. A bricklike slab of total stodge. The guests were so polite, I am forever in their debt. Luckily I'd run out of time to make dessert & had rushed over in the afternoon to Adora chocolates for some lime & passionfruit truffles, so the meal ended on a high note.


Dean said...

So I've been promoted?!


Campsie is indeed a stone's throw from Marrickville but is definitely not in the same league, socio-economically. When I went looking for an apartment to buy I checked Marrickville out but it was $50,000 more expensive for the same quality unit, than Campsie. Which is why I'm living here and not there.

BTW -- sorry to hear about the beer and the dinner party. Better luck next time. Maybe you can just feed it all to the rats?

Lucy Tartan said...

Is Billy named after Billy?

Marrickvillia said...

Ah it's a comforting guarantee that Sydneysiders will eventually get around to discussing house prices... next thing we'll be exchanging real estate agent stories. A pox on Planet Properties! The ratties are far too pure to get the lasagne. The leftovers still languish in the fridge.

Marrickvillia said...

I don't think Billy the rat is named after Billy the dog. They do share many characteristics in common though.

Lucy Tartan said...

I can well imagine. (with apologies to both Billys)