Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Noisy Mynah Chick

I know why these little birds are called noisy... this one chirped about once every 3 seconds for the entire 26 hours we had it in the house. Hugh found it in the park being attacked by crows. He must have been just in time as it didn't seem to have any injuries. It was too immature to fly; Wendy from WIRES told us the crows had probably plucked it from its parents' nest. Hugh fed it water from an eye dropper and bits of pear from the end of a skewer and it kept him awake all night long. It's gone to a WIRES foster home now & they'll set it free soon. Hugh looking bleary-eyed.


Dorian said...

Good news, I was wondering about that. Well rescued, Hugh.

Ms M said...

That's adorable. Go Hugh!

Antipodean said...

Absolutely the cutest thing!