Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Political Poo Art

Our Glorious Leader... I walked through some back streets of Newtown yesterday afternoon and came across this under a gum tree in Station Street. The flag is about the size of a matchbox. I've never seen one before but would love to know more about this political/arty action. So clever!


Zoe said...

Like those labels you've picked there!

Re poo flags, it started in the US (with Bush flags). Judith Lucy apparently handed them out to audience members at her most recent show.

Robskee said...

I love it.

I want some.

I'm linking to it!

Thanks for a great blog, Meredith.

Arty said...

gotta get some. preferably not pre-used.

Sardionerak said...

Hahaha, nice one, such spontaneous art, and so accurate! Well, I think it is a very honest statement. (sorry, can't agree with someone who adamantly denies to sign the Kyoto protocol and sees nuclear power as the solution to all the problems)

Meredith Jones said...

Spontaneous indeed! Perhaps dog owners could carry a little stash of these flags around with their bunched-up plastic bags for the dog poo - oh no, that doesn't work does it, because you'd pick up the poo and then there'd be nothing to put the flag in... back to the drawing board.