Monday, October 16, 2006

We went to Liverpool...

Where there isn't no trees, no scented breeze
no fields of waving corn.

Richard was looking for a mookudulu (or tawa) - one of those round flat iron things for cooking Indian breads - so yesterday we headed out to Sydney's Liverpool. The trip on the M5 and then the Hume didn't take long from Marrickville, about 25 minutes I think (I did fall asleep on the way back). After two scorching days in Sydney for Spring - mid 30s - it was relatively cool and we enjoyed the cloud cover. Liverpool was packed, with queues filling up some shops. Most people were Indian, the women all in saris. We had forgotten it is Festival of Light time so I suppose the crowds were much like our Christmas. I took lots of photos and was asked in one big grocery store by an Indian with a very distinguished set of moustaches what I was doing. I then felt like an inner-city dickhead for the rest of our outing.

On the M5

Yes, a Bollywood Chinese Restaurant.

Beautiful Gods - this statuette was thick plastic, about the size of my hand.

There were boxes of plastic fruit & veg (notice the potatoes?) and gorgeous real eggplants.

And piggies, hippos and elephants - some of my favourite creatures.

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Dean said...

Bollywood Chinese restaurant... hmmmmm... maybe they sell curry-flavoured noodles, like that Malaysian noodle dish, what's it called? Laksa!