Friday, November 24, 2006

The Christmas Cupboard

This is the secret Christmas Cupboard!
Family members read no further!
I mean it, have a bit of restraint.
I trust you.

Christmas is coming in case you hadn't noticed. Last year we were so poor (I didn't have a proper job and my scholarship $ had run out) that all we gave people were cheap frames with photos of Ruby in them (beautifully wrapped). They were appreciated, I know, and Ruby is totally gorgeous, but nevertheless I'm really looking forward this year to being able to spend more than $6.00 per person. We have a lot of people to buy for... when Richard married me he got in-laws galore. My parents, siblings & their partners, my 3 remaining grandparents, and Ruby's father's family too... (in an unheard of development that side has decided on a Kris Kringle this year). Our family has grown recently too, with Hugh now with us and Richard's son Griffin born in March (Griff and his mothers are visiting us from London in January - we can't wait to squeeze him!).

I decided to get all my presents in Marrickville, then realised I'd be a little restricted so extended it to the Marrickville LGA to include Enmore & Newtown. We can't buy anything really big, as most of it has to be taken down to Melbourne in plane luggage.


I've got a bunch of things on lay-by at M.A.D. This shop sells work made by artists using materials from Reverse Garbage, and lots of it is really beautiful. Dad's getting an Alex Noble lamp (to go with his Danish Modern furniture), Mum's getting a milky-purple Jane Alexander necklace, Dorian & Laura are getting the thing I really want myself - not pictured on the website - a deep red, round carpet made of really soft fabric with a nap about 4 inches thick. Helen is getting a Chandice satchel with a big H on it (what a find!), Julia is getting a necklace by Jason Bell (not pictured on the website - a small bright yellow & silver oblong pendant).

We've got little Griff a blow-up thing to float about the sea baths in, shaped like a hippo (what does a baby know?). For Hugh I'm thinking the new Scarface computer game, or a Fight Club poster & DVD, or a new skateboard. Ruby, I really don't know... I'll have to wander along King St & see what pops out. Grandpa - socks of course! The two Nannas I don't know about yet either... But I reckon I'll get my brother Gareth a copy of The Present History.

I almost forgot Richard... me & the kids are going to get him a crumpler backpack.

I might order everyone a dear little badge from prickie, or even use the badges to decorate presents in lieu of ribbon... one of the best things about Christmas is the wrapping. One year I wrapped everything in black tissue, then put a handful of glitter & foil stars on top, then wrapped it again in clear cellophane. They were like snowdome presents. This year I'm thinking of getting metres & metres of ribbon from one of the Bollywood shops at the Paris end of King St... ho ho ho


OTT said...

Crumpler is the coolest. I have a barney rustler. My partner has a wonder weenie (oh that sounds terrible). Barney’s great for travelling – someone tried to grab something from my bag but the loud Velcro noise alerted me, and scared snatcher away. Oh, and I used the loud Velcro noise to wake up the person sleeping beside me on the tour bus whose head kept drooping onto my shoulder. blech.

Your Christmas presents sound great!

Julia said...

That is a torment Meredith. How can you show us the present cupboard and then tell us not to look. As if!

When I was a young kid, we lived in the country. My parents didn’t have much spare cash so they were very inventive with presents for their four kids. Each year they would nick our bikes around October, paint them, whack a few new stickers on the mud-flaps and then give them back at Christmas. We never realised for years and years.