Monday, November 27, 2006

Everyone knows Con

This is Con. He loves trains. I mean he really loves them. I've seen him rocking back on his heels and clapping with excitement when one arrives. Lots of people in Marrickville know him and you've probably seen him if you ever catch the train from Marrickville station. He's a very polite and helpful person and will always tell you when the next train to Bankstown or the city is coming (he's not always right). His voice is very deep and raspy. Next time you pass him, why don't you stop to say hi?


Nicole said...

I know this guy! I went to school in Marrickville and caught the train home. He was usually there. According to my friend, he occassionally gets as far as Earlwood although I don't know why. There are no trains there.

Anastasia said...

Wow. He's on the buses too. Saw him outside Newtown station last week, and sometimes he's up in Dully.

Miguel said...

That's Con Spyropoulos - he lives down the road from Marrickville station (naturally) with his parents, he is actually a longtime friend of another famous Marrickvillian, none other than Jeff Fenech. Here's some shots of Con at Jeff's 40th birthday.
I remember Con in Jeff's corner at all his big fights and I know they still catch up. Con's a champ!