Thursday, November 16, 2006

Update - Various

Ok, I know I've been neglecting Marrickvillia a little lately. But I have a good excuse - the manuscript for my book about cosmetic surgery is due in on December 1 (actually I'm aiming for the end of next week) . So, a few updates, without photos I'm afraid.

Hugh recovered well physically from the attack but did suffer some anxiety about seeing the kids wot done it on the street. I can't write the details here but let's just say that one of them was picked up by the police and after a lengthy process "has been brought to Justice". There was also a completely unexpected and spontaneous apology - I think that was what finally put Hugh's mind at rest. We took him to a martial arts class & he did seem to be into it, but then wasn't keen to go back. I don't think the vocalising and bowing were really him. We thought a skateboard would give him a bit of speed and confidence in the streets of Marrickville so my brother sent him skateboard wheels (and something called a truck?) and we took him to Fox Studios to get the board (it's called a deck)... It was interesting for me to witness the very blokey business of choosing the design (some of them are amazing works of art).

Vegie patch - lettuces have gone to seed, cabbages got attacked by snails (the insides are still ok) and we have tomatoes galore. We put in a "Black Russian" which will be beautiful I think. Corm and sunflowers should be tall soon.

Beer!! The second batch was a huge success and we're planning the 3rd.

Chooks!! We're on a waiting list for 2 chooks and a portable chook house. This is necessary for protein as Ruby and I no longer eat meat or bought eggs (I wrote about it at Sarsaparilla).

Fish!! The sad and lonely goldfish has a friend at last. They swim about next to each other.

Ratties!! Getting tamer by the day. They come out of their penthouse & sit in my hands. Their long delicate whiskers twiddle around all the time. They have lovely round dark eyes.

Sailor!! Snoring.


Zoe said...

Oh, you'll love the chookies. They are really nice little animals.

And your book sounds fascinating. Hopefully you'll be telling us more about it - should be fairly easy to publicise to, at least as far as academic works go!

Dean said...

Well, I'm happy again, now that I know Hugh has recovered from his trauma. Skateboarding sounds like the thing, really. 'Trucks' are the bogies the wheels are attached to: comprising the axle plus the universal joint thingy that gets screwed into the bottom of the deck.

Meredith said...

Dean, telling me a truck is a bogie makes me see little stars & hear a humming sound... mmmmhmhmmmhmhhhmm

Zoe I will invite all Marrickvillia readers to the book launch in about a year's time I imagine.

Now time to finish off Lolo Ferrari & start proof reading Michael Jackson.