Monday, March 12, 2007

Just some dandy-lions

There are so many lions in Marrickville, you'd think it was the African Savanna.

They guard grand homes

and not-so-grand homes, without prejudice.

Some appear stern,

others thoughtful...

They bask in the Summer sun

and enjoy shady gardens.

Some even frolic with the frogs and the fairies.


Dorian said...

Just like Graceland - you should get one!

Ms M said...

Marrickville - where the wild things are...

Kirsty said...

These lions are just great. You've made me think about the couple of lions that I've seen in my street in Brisbane. It's occurred to me that I've never really contemplated the Fedeterranea around me. I can feel a photo project coming on...

Pavlov's Cat said...

What a gorgeous post. I love the way you love where you live.

My garden has a rusty-brown tin cat with a nodding head and cobwebs all over her and marbles for eyes. Cute and all, but it's just not the same.

GoAwayPlease said...

Dear M - I do enjoy your blog, but am rendered speechless to comment beyond "it's all lovely".

from your sidebar I notice 'The 'Sham' for Petersham -

apart from knowing The Gong (from Norman Gunston The Golden Years - Shoop Shoop The Gong Gong)
syllable-shy locals in Victorian towns refer to
Winchelsea as 'Winch'
Beaumaris as Beau-y,
Keysborough as Keysie,
Ballarat as The Rat, and
Bacchus Marsh as The Marsh .. that I know of.
This is SO Australian.

Meredith said...

Thanks Go Away Please! I do love my blog & like to make it nice. Yes the reduced-syllable suburb is common in Sydney too:

Paddington = Paddo
Darlinghurst = Darlo
Kings Cross = the Cross
and Marrickville = the Vill

RiCkY said...

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