Saturday, March 17, 2007

Worlds Overhead

Driving home late last week, with Sailor, I stopped at this little park in the Marrickville suburb of Sydenham to give her a poo-run. It was a humid, still night. The cicadas trilled, a couple of other people wandered about while their dogs went all doggy, and it was rather peaceful in the twilight. Then the sky was filled, just filled, with an aeroplane. Its wing span touched the horizons, its landing gear nearly bumped my head, its roar was just unbelievable. Its lights lit up the park & it smelled strongly of fuel.

But it passed quickly, and then there we all were again, as we had been, sniffing & strolling. It was a bit like having seen a pterodactyl, a leviathan and alien creature, and I loved it. I thought of all the people in that little overhead world. No doubt I'd be less enthusiastic if I lived right under the flight path.

I went back in the daytime to try to get some photos, but in the hour I was there no plane flew over. The park's furniture is fascinating though, witty and on-topic. The main area is set out like a giant loungeroom:

Here are Richard and Sailor on the sofa, to give you an idea of perspective:

There are mosaics done by local primary children, featuring planes and homes, with Italian, English and Vietnamese writing:

There's a humongous teapot:

And my favourite, the giant mantelpiece (the "fireplace" is a kiosk) complete with doily, Deco mirror and ornaments.

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Love the giant sofa!