Sunday, September 10, 2006

The most lovely Fedeterranean Home in Marrickville?

I can't believe I've been walking past this house for years and never noticed how lovely it is. Perhaps it's because Spring has arrived that it caught my eye - the garden is delightful. Part of me loves the order and prettiness apparent here although I know I could never achieve these heights myself. See more photos in this set on my flickr account.


Kristian said...


This is a great blog! I'm a relatively recent Marrickville resident [2 years?] having moved in from the Blue Mountains. Your blog has shown me how little of this little suburb I've explored!

I particularly enjoyed the little "reviews" of the shops around here. How do you go about talking to the shopkeepers? Do you identify yourself as an academic/whatever or just start friendly chats?

My partner tried to comment here the other day but the system failed her, let's see how this goes...

Meredith Jones said...

Hi Kristian,

Well I know some people who moved from Marrickville to the Blue Mountains, but you're the first I know to have done it the other way around. Welcome! I tell the shopkeepers that I'm writing for a blog. Most of them don't know what that is... so I just say "internet" & that seems to do the trick. I always ask if it's ok to quote them & put their pictures up.

Dean said...

Great house, Meredith.

What about doing a post on that guy who recently put his cigarette out in a baby's face, while the poor bub was just sitting in his stroller. It's not really Marrickville, but close enough (Dulwich Hill?): the corner of Illawarra Road and New Canterbury Road. There's a pub there on the corner that would make a great backdrop.

Meredith Jones said...

Gosh... I seem to have remained blissfully unaware of that particular incident. Where was it reported? I did a quick google but didn't find it.

Dean said...

Hi Meredith,

Here's a couple of stories:

If you put 'cigarette child dulwich' into Google, you'll get it all.

And it wasn't Illawarra Road, it was on the corner of Marrickville Road and New Canterbury Road.